Friday, May 2, 2008


The brick is finished and they have started the drywall this week. The exterior siding needs to be painted and the stone needs to be put on the front area that is not bricked. Brent and I have been picking out paint colors and need to go paint the two we like on the siding to see if they blend with the brick.
I go back to work Monday. Thankfully it is only 4 days next week and now that my parents are here they will be helping with watching Nathan. I am so grateful that they are willing to help with watching him. Leaving him again will be hard, but knowing he will be with my parents does make it a little easier. I am trying to decide what to do with him on our "last day". If I can get my act together here this morning, we will probably go downtown and ride the carousel he loves or do the aquarium again. Yesterday we went to the park with our dogs and Nana and ate lunch there and went and got ice cream. It was funny because we were blowing bubbles and I asked Nathan if he wanted to go get ice cream and he said "no, more bubbles" two separate times. I haven't ever heard a kid turn down ice cream for bubbles! I think he knew it meant leaving the park and he was having too much fun!


Erin said...

The house looks great! How exciting to get to be so involved in the building of your new home. It seems that things are beginning to come together for you guys, and I am so happy for you. Life can throw us a lot of curves to navigate. :-)

michal said...

Enjoy your day with Nathan! Your house looks great Kristi!