Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another week

A couple more pictures of the house. The outside just needs paint on the siding and the columns on the front porch and posts on our back deck for the screened in porch area. The hardwood floors went in this past week and tile is going in next week. It is coming along and very exciting to see everything. We are definitely blessed with this house.
I have been back at work for two weeks now. It has been harder than I thought. I am primarily working with adults now, which is physically exhausting and learning all the new locations with my job is hard too. I've been in one hospital and two nursing homes and will start doing some home health this coming week as well as get oriented to another hospital. It is different not having the same clients as I just go where different places need extra help or coverage. I really miss working with kids. But, it is the way that God is providing for us right now so I am thankful even with all the challenges that have come with working again. I am learning about some aspects of therapy around here and I will be keeping my eyes open for a pediatric position.
I am missing being away from Nathan more. I thought that adjustment would be easier since I worked before we moved, and am continually thankful that he gets to spend each day with Nana and Papa.
I got to spend the morning stamping cards with some friends from church while Brent hung out with Nathan and now Brent is at the movies with some friends so it is good to not have to think about work and everything else for awhile. Everything is going good. We are continuing to get involved in our church and are so thankful for God leading us there and giving us opportunities to serve. The weather has been awesome. I think the hottest it has been so far is maybe the low 80s, but it has mostly been in the 70s and cool at night. We are really enjoying the moderate temperatures here!! Enough of my rambling, I have things to get done around the house while Nathan is napping.


michal said...

The house looks great! I am so glad you and Brent are finding friends and have found a good church. I pray you will be able to find a pedatric position soon. Love you friend.

Cindy said...

Your house is looking so beautiful! I hope you will put a big video or photo tour of all the inside and outside when it is completely done. Isn't it wonderful having your parents close by? I don't know what I would do without mine now! I'm so glad you guys have found a church you like and are getting connected! Miss you!