Thursday, June 5, 2008


Last Thursday night I ended up in the ER with stomach pains. After having them for about 11 hours, Brent decided it was time to go make sure it wasn't serious. I have irritable bowel syndrome, so I am used to getting through the day with having a lot of stomach pain at times. So, even with the pain, I just kept working to finish the day out, then walked our dogs that evening before dinner, and kept debating on whether or not it might be appendicitis. After Brent read some of the tests to see if it is and tried them and caused an increase in my pain symptoms, we decided to go get it checked out. We spent most of the night in ER and finally after my first CT scan wasn't discernable enough for the ER docs to say "yes it is your appendix", we were transferred to a room to await another CT scan with contrast and the arrival of a surgeon. The surgeon wasn't one hundred percent positive that it was my appendix, but decided it might just be the early stages and he should look at it to make sure, so within 15 minutes of talking with him, I was headed for surgery. It turned out that my appendix was slightly inflammed, so I caught in the early stages of something happening to in and thankfully the surgeon was able to remove it laprascopically so it was a quick procedure and I was ready to leave the hospital by late Friday afternoon. For an unexpected stay at the hospital, I must say that it was a good experience. I wasn't sure which ER to go to about the couple in town, but I am glad that I picked the one we went to. The Memorial Hospital staff were great. I have actually worked there a couple of days for my company, but all I knew was the therapy side, but since I was a little familiar with that hospital, we picked to go there and I am thankful. You never know with hospitals and I am very picky, especially with working in healthcare. I am healing and haven't taken any pain pills today so that is a plus! And, they even send me home with pictures of my appendix! I do appreciate Brent who waited with me all night and day and didn't get any sleep. It was good to have him there all day. I am also so thankful that my parents were here to care for Nathan so he could go through his regular routine with Brent and I being gone. Our pastor came to visit after the surgery was over and our lifegroup called, brought me flowers, and brought us food. God has definitely blessed us here with people who care!

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michal said...

I am so glad to hear you caught it before it ruptured! So sorry you had to go through that! Hope you guys are doing well otherwise. I look forward to seeing updated pictures of the house. It should not be long now until you guys can move in, right?